Enemy russifies Ukrainian children on TOT

Russia does not stop conducting propaganda work with the aim of russifying the civilian population in the temporarily occupied territories and further planting its ideology and gaining trust in the occupation authorities.

In the village of Strilkove, Henichesk District, Kherson Region, the occupation administration of the Russian Federation forces workers and students of educational institutions controlled by the occupiers to sing the Russian national anthem during breaks between classes, as well as to study the Constitution of the Russian Federation outside of working hours.

As a reminder, in the fall of 2022, all schools and colleges of the Russian Federation will introduce a mandatory extracurricular activity called “Conversations about Important things” every Monday. Such a lesson is conducted by a class teacher who has received a set of “patriotic” textbooks with topics.

At the same time, Ukrainian children are prohibited from listening to Ukrainian online classes, threatening their parents with fines if such facts are discovered.

It is very important for the occupiers to create a mirror world in people’s minds to justify the damage inflicted by the Russian war machine. As a result, educational institutions at TOT have turned into centers of propaganda that has nothing to do with education.

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