Enemy will continue the practice of deporting Ukrainian children next year

The occupiers continue to use children for propaganda purposes and as an element of pressure on their parents.

Thus, since October, the Russians have allocated more than 350 million rubles to examine 100,000 children in the temporarily occupied territories. For this, they brought their doctors to the region. The Russians need examinations in order to have a reason to forcibly send children for “treatment” to the Russian Federation, where the child is brainwashed and played on the contrast of a region where there is a war with a peaceful life.

In addition, the children’s return is delayed, forcing their parents to leave after them, after which the family is not allowed back due to “martial law” at TOT. That is, children are used as hostages. The review itself is mandatory. Next year, the Russian Federation will allocate 435 million rubles to continue this practice.

Earlier we already reported that the Russians are actively taking children from boarding schools to TOT for further assimilation in the Russian Federation. Such a policy is a sign of genocide, according to international law, because it aims to destroy the self-identity of an entire generation.

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