Equipment of construction building ‘fortifications’ on the border with Ukraine is being actively destroyed in Russia

In Russia, unknown persons are destroying the equipment of construction battalions building “fortifications” on the border with Ukraine.

According to local underground sources, commercial structures in the Kursk region, whose construction equipment is being forcibly taken away, are demanding monetary compensation from the regional government for the destroyed excavators, as guerrillas regularly destroy expropriated property.

Farmers who are members of the AKKOR (Association of Peasant Farms and Agricultural Cooperatives of Russia) in the Rylsk district of the Kursk region are protesting against the destruction of their agricultural land. 

In particular, in the village of Stara Nikolaevka on the border with the Sumy region, the Russian armed forces are actively building strongholds on farmers’ black soil. This makes the land unfit for further use. The farmers sent photos of the occupiers’ fortifications on their own land.

The National Resistance Centre continues to monitor the enemy’s actions and thanks for the information.

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