Fifteen thousand pictures were carried out: occupiers have robbed the cultural fund of the Kherson region

Four trucks with looted property arrived in temporarily occupied Simferopol. In particular, according to our underground, the Russians took property from the Kherson Art Museum named after Oleksiy Shovkunenko. The museum also has a branch in Nova Kakhovka. The museum’s permanent exposition includes icon paintings of the 17th and early 20th centuries, and Ukrainian art of the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The works of modern artists are also presented. In total, almost 15,000 exhibits were removed from the museum fund, as well as other cultural institutions of the Kherson region.

But not only cultural values were taken away by the occupiers. The Russians, according to tradition, stole plumbing fixtures, including toilets, and household appliances.

Along with our territories, we will return everything looted by the barbarians. And everything that was destroyed by the Russians will be restored in reparations.


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