FSB is preparing plans to evacuate the families of its officers from Ukraine

Senior officers of the FSB of Russia, who were sent to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, were informed about the evacuation routes for them and their families in the territory of the Russian Federation.

While the occupation authorities are telling TOT residents that they have everything under control, the Russians have already prepared evacuation plans. It is already known that the families of gauleiters, “heads of districts” and top military leadership began to leave TOT.

We are talking about all regions of TOT of Ukraine. In particular, plans to evacuate the families of FSB employees have been announced in Crimea, where a large number of service officers are stationed.

Meanwhile, mobilization continues on the peninsula. Despite the fact that the Russian authorities speak of partial mobilization, in Crimea, according only to official data provided by occupational authorities, 174 soldiers of the Russian army have already been buried. The data is far from reality because a large number is hidden from the public.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls on the underground to take advantage of the panic among the occupation leadership at TOT and report on the Russian military facilities and movement of Russian equipment.

Together – we will win!

We will remind you that the Kremlin is studying the opinion of Russians regarding the “loss of Crimea”.

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