Gauleiters create “People’s Militia” in the south

As part of preparations for mobilization, the occupation administration began to form “People’s Militia” in the captured areas of the Zaporizhzhia region.

The collaborators announced the formation of the “People’s Militia of the Zaporizhzhia Region”. According to legend, these will be volunteers who will maintain order on the streets. However, even traitors do not hide the fact that Russians from all regions of the Russian Federation can join the “people’s militia”.

Note that the creation of such “militia” has two goals. The first, purely propaganda, is to create the illusion of local support for the occupiers after the failure of the volunteer battalion idea, the introduction of which was ignored by the locals and remained to exist only in propaganda videos.

The second goal is to form a list of persons for mobilization, which is being prepared by the occupiers. The enemy has already carried out such an operation in the captured lands of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where such groups were first created, and then the participants were the first to be mobilized to the front. Because voluntary participation in the “militia” is a sign of loyalty on the part of the participant and, therefore, such a person is the first to be mobilized into the ranks of the enemy army.

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