Heroes of the resistance. “Eyes and ears” of the Kherson region

Every day, Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories resist the Russian occupiers. The National Resistance Center continues to publish videos with the heroes of Kherson.

Today, our publication is dedicated to Dmitry, who could not stand aside during the occupation of his native city. Therefore, with the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he began to create his own history of resistance: he directly participated in pro-Ukrainian rallies and later became the “eyes and ears” of the Armed Forces.

We will remind you that the National Resistance Center launched a short series of videos dedicated to the heroes of the resistance, because right now a new heroic epic of the Ukrainian people is being formed before our eyes. Earlier we talked about those:

who used street art to put pressure on the occupiers in Kherson;

distributed leaflets for psychological pressure on the occupiers;

about a local resident who, despite the occupation, kept the Ukrainian flag;

about the hero of Chornobayivka, who helped the Armed Forces to destroy the enemy;

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