Heroes of the resistance. Meetings and distribution of news in occupied Kherson

Every day in occupied Kherson, despite the risks to life, leaflets were distributed to inform the population about the real state of affairs in Ukraine.

Such postcards not only raised the morale of Kherson residents, but also put pressure on the occupiers, who realized that they were strangers in the city. But behind every heroic act, someone stands.

Today we will talk about Daniil, who not only distributed leaflets, but also helped with ammunition for the resistance movement. For this, the boy spent some time in captivity. Details in the video:

We will remind you that the Center of National Resistance has started a series of publications about those who resisted the occupation, because right now a new heroic epic of the Ukrainian people is being formed before our eyes, and none of its participants should be forgotten.

Earlier we talked about those:

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