Heroes of the resistance! The story of a Crimean woman who spread Ukrainian symbols

Violeta hung posters and Ukrainian symbols in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Due to the pressure of the special services, the activist was forced to leave the peninsula and go to the controlled territory. They talked about Violeta in the “Yellow Ribbon” public resistance movement.

“This incredibly brave woman fought against the occupation and russian fascism in the temporarily occupied Crimea until recently. Violeta hung our flyers, painted graffiti and tied yellow ribbons. Unfortunately, she was detained by the FSB, but even after being interrogated, Violeta did not change her position. The FSB tried to extort a confession from Violeta and impose a pro-Russian position, they demanded to show all the materials made by her. However, this did not break her, but forced her to leave Crimea,” the message reads.

Now our heroine was able to leave the occupied territory and go to the territory controlled by Ukraine, where she is now trying to start a new life.

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