Humanitarian crisis escalates in TOT Zaporizhzhia

There is a growing shortage of drinking water in the temporarily occupied settlements.

The occupation administrations in the TOT continue to exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the regions. Prices and unemployment are rising significantly in the temporarily occupied territories of southern Ukraine. There is also a significant shortage of basic necessities, including regular drinking water. At the same time, the head of the Russian occupation administration Balytsky continues to create a different reality in the public space by talking about “great prospects for the development of Zaporizhzhia as part of the Russian Federation”.

We wrote about this in more detail in the material about the failure of forced passportization to the region by Yevhen Balytsky.

The National Resistance Center calls on the locals to bring the de-occupation of Ukrainian cities closer and to pass on information about the enemy. This can be done through the Resistance Telegram chatbot.

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