Humanitarian crisis in Donetsk region, the occupiers direct all resources to support the Russian military

The infrastructure of the temporarily occupied areas of Donetsk region is not ready for winter.

The occupiers could not prepare the TOT of the region for winter. In most cities, there will be no heating, and there will also be problems with electricity and water supply. The occupiers cannot correct the situation, because they have transferred all utility equipment to the needs of the Russian military, and are also reorienting all resources to support Russian formations.

In addition, in the TOT of Donetsk region, there is a huge shortage of food and basic necessities. And for what is available, the price is constantly increasing. Due to mass unemployment, people cannot provide themselves with the minimum living conditions.

The National Resistance Center calls on the population to go to the TOT, if possible, to go to the territories under the control of the Ukrainian government.

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