Hunting Wagner

The Russians are throwing into battle the fighters of the “Wagner” PMC, who were recruited by Vladimir Putin’s cook Yevgeny Prigozhin in Russian prisons. We tell you what is important to report about their location.

In total, the occupiers recruited 23,000 prisoners, who are used as meat during the assault. The reason is that their death does not resonate in Russian society and therefore allows Russians not to think about losses. In fact, the enemy exchanges the lives of cheap fighters for the lives of Ukrainians.

Assault squads are formed from the prisoners, aerial reconnaissance is used during the assault, thanks to which the commanders of the groups observe the actions of their “subordinates”. At the same time, these losses do not demoralize PMC “Wagner”, because the qualified staff and management did not participate in the assault.

At the same time, the local underground continues to provide data on the placement of Wagner troops in the temporarily occupied territories, which allows them to strike key points.

We will remind you that we wrote earlier that Prigozhin uses the war to strengthen his positions, because he is already preparing to fight for the “throne”.

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