In Belarus, drivers are being mobilized to serve the Russian army

In Gomel region, local military recruiting centers conduct covert mobilization of drivers and mechanics.

The corresponding order was sent to the military recruiting centers at the beginning of March. According to the information of the Belarusian underground, they conduct a tour of the houses of conscripts. They are looking for truck drivers and mechanics. They are involved in the maintenance of military equipment of the Russian Federation armed forces, which are located in the territory of Belarus.

In fact, Belarus continues to support the Russian military in every possible way. After the statement of the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, about the creation of a joint military group with the Russian Federation, the Belarusian air bases in the cities of Lida and Baranovichi came under the russian control.

Earlier, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reported on the presence of Iranian instructors on the territory of Belarus.

Also, according to the information of our partisans, the Belarusian military was spotted near the temporarily occupied Melitopol.

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