In Berdyansk, the occupation headquarters of preparation for the “referendum” was blown up

In Berdyansk, the headquarters of the occupiers, where they were preparing for a pseudo-referendum, exploded at night.

The explosion damaged the occupation den “We are together with Russia”, there were no casualties. Note that almost all members of this public organization are Russians, who were brought to the city to simulate local support for the occupation. Well, as we can see, occupying a region where you have no support is difficult and quite dangerous.

It will be recalled that on the night of August 25, the headquarters of the occupiers, which was preparing for the “referendum”, was blown up in the village of Pryazovskoe, Melitopol district. It was there that Russians prepared for the “voting” and issued Russian passports to locals. The explosion occurred at 1:30 am.

Earlier, the Center of National Resistance described how the Russians manipulate the numbers before the “captures” and why the Kremlin needs this show at all.

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