In Crimea, the occupiers demand that students of draft age be expelled because of academic debts

On the temporarily occupied Crimean Peninsula, preparations are underway for a new wave of mobilization into the ranks of the russian army. There is a directive to all so-called “universities” on the peninsula to deduct all students enrolled in 3–5 courses of study who are subject to mobilization and have academic debt.


Note that students usually have the opportunity to pay off their academic debts before the start of the next academic session. This is because it is not profitable for university management to get rid of students. However, universities were instructed to exclude everyone for the slightest reason, because studying at a university provides a reprieve from mobilization.


We will remind you that the Russian Federation is planning a new wave of mobilization that will affect residents of the occupied territories. Propagandists are currently preparing the foundation for closing the borders of the Russian Federation and isolating the country.


At the same time, mobilization measures will be strengthened. All men who have received Russian passports are planned to be conscripted into the army at TOT. The Kremlin does not make any exceptions for the “new regions of the russian federation”.

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