In Crimea, the occupiers force teachers to donate money to the Russian army

Russians simulate voluntary support for their soldiers in temporarily occupied territories.

For example, in Crimea, the occupiers demand that local school teachers “voluntarily” give up part of their salary to support the Russian army. To do this, teachers must write an appropriate application to the school director.

Note that the Russian Federation does not have a developed volunteer movement, and this war is not a “people’s” one, as the enemy’s propaganda portrays it. So the enemy resorts to coercion to plug holes in the provision of its military. However, such desperate measures will not change the position of the Russian army and will not significantly improve its support.

The National Resistance Center notes that even the enemy`s laws  cannot force you to transfer your salary, and refusal to do so is not a reason for dismissal. We also urge you to ignore the illegal demands.

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