In Kherson, teachers and schoolchildren ignore “Russian schools”

The Russians cannot establish the educational process in the temporarily occupied Kherson because the staff and students ignore their schools.

Schoolchildren continue their studies remotely in Ukrainian schools cause they do not want to take the Russification course offered by the collaborators. At the same time teachers also ignore the occupiers and that is why they have to bring teachers from the Russian Federation since even Crimean teachers are in no hurry to Kherson.

We have already reported that Russia has recently prepared a new batch of 250 “teachers” from the Russian Federation, who are supposed to replace local teachers and carry out a policy of Russification and propaganda in schools.

The Center of National Resistance also reported that the occupying pseudo-university, which they created on the basis of the cramped premises of the Kherson State University, could not find people willing to study there.

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