In Luhansk region, the occupiers are carrying out a new stage of mobilization

The Russians continue to add manpower to their military formations at the expense of residents of the temporarily occupied territories.

This information is confirmed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in its report.

“To replenish losses in manpower, the enemy does not stop mobilizing the male population, in particular in the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk region,” the message reads.

The Center of National Resistance reminds you that if you or someone you know has been forcibly mobilized to the TOT, contact the hotline of the “I want to live” project: +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84. We also call on internally displaced persons and residents of frontline zones, who has relatives on TOT, share this information. It is not too late to surrender to the Armed Forces and not commit war crimes.

Instructions on how to surrender to a prisoner can be downloaded here.

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