In Luhansk region, the occupiers failed to prepare for the school year

In the temporarily occupied part of the Luhansk region, the Russians could not provide the appropriate material base and prepare the schools for the academic year.

Hundreds of teachers, who were brought from Russia due to the refusal of Ukrainian teachers to work for the occupiers, turned out to be not enough to prepare schools for the educational process. After all, due to the resistance of the local population, the occupiers did not even find a sufficient number of personnel to organize the work of the schools. Therefore, children come to the schoolyard, receive tasks for independent study of the material and return home.

Earlier we wrote that in the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians could not ensure enrollment in schools according to the Russian program.

Due to the opposition of parents, no school in the occupied territories has recruited a sufficient number of students to study since February 24. Despite the intense pressure of the occupiers on parents, there are not enough children for the usual educational process. In response, the Center of National Resistance calls for evacuation from the TOT at the time of the liberation operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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