In Luhansk, the occupiers dispersed a meeting of the relatives of mobilized POW

In temporarily occupied Luhansk, relatives of POW soldiers of the “LPR” army tried to hold a rally, but the occupiers dispersed it.

Wives and mothers of soldiers mobilized into the enemy’s army demanded an answer from the occupation administration regarding the state of negotiations to return the men home. However, for the occupiers, the lives of mobilized Ukrainians are worth nothing – regardless of which side they are fighting for. Therefore, the Russians dispersed the rally and threatened the women with consequences in case of a repeated attempt to organize a rally.

We will remind you that the enemy carries out the forced mobilization of men from the TOT, after which they are thrown into the firing positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine without ammunition and training. They are deliberately sent to their deaths to provoke hatred of Ukraine in the occupied regions.

The Center of National Resistance calls on Ukrainians to evacuate from the temporarily occupied regions and not become a human shield or propaganda resource for the occupier.

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