In Mariupol, the occupiers threaten fines for the refusal of parents to educate their children in Russian schools

The Russians in the temporarily occupied territories are trying to imitate the educational process, but the locals refuse to take part in it.

Russians need to force parents to send their children to occupation schools because the latter play the role of propaganda and Russification centers.

This is why the Russians brought their “teachers” to the region. However, parents refuse to send their children to the “training” of the enemy.

Therefore, in Mariupol, the occupiers are threatening to fine locals 40,000 rubles if their child does not go to school on September 1.

Note that at the same time the occupiers, on the contrary, are ready to pay 10,000 rubles for sending a child to their propagandists. In Kherson, on the other hand, fines reach up to 150,000 rubles and they threaten to confiscate property for refusing to learn from the occupiers.

All this is done with the aim of Russifying children and re-educating them. However, it is worth remembering that education in the occupied regions is non-existent and not recognized by anyone. Therefore, the Center of National Resistance calls for evacuation from the TOT at the time of the liberation operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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