In Melitopol, explosions were heard near the houses of the referendum organizers

On September 8, explosions were heard in two different districts of Melitopol. They happened near the houses whose owners are involved in the organization of the “referendum”.

Around 6 in the morning, an explosion was heard on the street of the Melitopol Division. It was a “congratulation” for collaborator Yuriy Onyshchuk, a former deputy of the city council and head of the local water supply company. Currently, he is helping the Russians to stage a fake show of will.

At the same time, explosions were heard on Koshovoy Street, where Elvira Chernyshova, a member of the occupiers’ fake election commission, lives. As a result of both cases, the windows in the houses were blown out.

We will remind you that on the night of September 8 in Melitopol there was also an explosion near the headquarters of the occupational headquarters “We are together with Russia”, which is engaged in preparations for the “referendum”.

The Center of National Resistance calls on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories to ignore the “referendum” if the Russians still dare to hold it.

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