In Melitopol, funds that were supposed to go to employees at the pseudo-referendum were stolen

The so-called members of the “electoral commissions”, who were found and brought by the occupation administration, have nothing to pay their salaries.

The funds allocated for the organization of the “referendum” in the temporarily occupied areas of the Zaporizhzhia region were effectively embezzled by Gauleiter Balytskyi and his accomplices. His administration did not expect that the Kremlin in a panic would announce the holding of a fake vote on September 23-27. Therefore, now, the occupiers are urgently looking for volunteers who should help at the “precincts” and brigades who will accept “ballots” at home.

But the administration understands that due to local opposition, there will be no queues for volunteering. Therefore, a quasi-order was given to condominiums in the city to voluntarily and forcibly submit lists of people who will take part in the organization of a pseudo-referendum.

At the same time, Ukraine’s Resistance Center calls on the residents of the region to evacuate from TOT, because all these “referendums” are needed only to start the mobilization, which the collaborators are already talking about. If there is no possibility to leave the region right now, then ignore the “referendum”, do not go to the polling station, and open the apartment door to strangers during the event.

We will remind you that earlier Ukraine’s Resistance Center published the data of members of the so-called “polling stations” on the network.

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