In Melitopol, inspections have been strengthened after the collaborator was blown up

The occupiers increased checks at checkpoints in Melitopol and conducted a series of searches after one of the collaborators was blown up.

On March 14, Ivan Tkach, a traitor who owned one of the city’s largest transport companies and had connections with the Russian occupiers, was blown up in the city. After the capture of the south of the region, he was appointed director of the “City Transport” of the military-civilian administration in Zaporizhzhia region.

Currently, the occupiers are using the detonation of the traitor as a pretext for further repression of the local population, because without finding the perpetrators, the local police have nothing to report to Moscow.

We will remind you that on March 13, our underground carried out an explosion near the car of a collaborator, the deputy head of the occupation administration of Nova Kakhovka, Vitaly Gura. The operation was carried out by partisans from the Atesh movement. Gura is currently in serious condition.

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