In Melitopol, locals painted over a monument that had just been set by the occupiers

The occupiers erected monuments to the former employee of the NKVD (USSR secret service) Hryhoriy Boyarynov in Melitopol, but the locals immediately showed their attitude towards him.

Boyarinov was born in the Russian Federation and spent almost his entire life there, except for a short stay in Ukraine. He served in the NKVD during the Soviet-Afghan War. He was killed during the assault of the palace and the head of the Revolutionary Council of Afghanistan Hafizullah Amin in Kabul in 1979.

In fact, the assassination of the leader of Afghanistan provoked the subsequent invasion of the USSR into this country and a war in which more than 5 thousand Soviet soldiers died. Here is the track record of the NKVD employee, and it was enough for the occupiers to erect a monument to him.

After a few days, the plaque on the bust of this “activist” was painted over with a black paint, because the locals do not recognize the occupiers` heroes. The monument has already been cleaned, but the attitude of the locals towards the occupiers has not changed.

The Center of National Resistance urges local residents not to cooperate with the occupiers, not to get an enemy’s passport and, if possible, to leave the temporarily occupied city until its liberation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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