In Melitopol the invaders threaten to send to the army those who do not want to study at fake universities

The inviders created a fake university in the occupied Melitopol on the basis of the seized property of two universities named after Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and Dmytro Motorny. And the locals refuse to study there.

Both the students of the two real universities refuse to study, and there are no applicants for admission to the pseudo-university, although the occupiers even canceled the exams to encourage young people to enroll. The prospect of receiving a waste paper with the inscription “Diploma” did not impress the youth.

The situation is similar with the colleges that the occupiers closed because the majority of students and schoolchildren left and created one “secondary special educational institution”. Therefore, the occupiers resorted to threats to send young men who do not want to create the illusion of an “educational process” for propagandists to join the enemy army.

To summarize, the Russian Federation has no local support and is trying to create a picture of “peaceful life”. The actions of the occupation administration once again prove that for the enemy, people in the occupied territories are nothing more than a resource. Therefore the Center of National Resistance calls on everyone to evacuate the region during the operation to liberate the occupied territories.

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