In Nova Kakhovka, the russians promise to pay 2,000 rubles for every child who agrees to study in occupier`s schools

The kremlin continues its efforts to simulate the beginning of the school year in the occupied territories. This time, parents are promised to pay for their children in the temporarily occupied Nova Kakhovka.

The russians are focused on launching their “educational process”, the purpose of which is to create propaganda centers and russify Ukrainian children. However, despite the fact that they brought their teachers, parents refuse to send their children to russian schools.

The occupiers threaten parents with property confiscation and fines for refusing to write an application for their child’s admission to “school”. However, at the same time, they promise to make one-time payments for joining. If earlier they promised 10,000 rubles, now only 2,000 is told to be given to people of Nova Kakhovka.

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