In the Kherson region, Russians steal transport from villagers in order to deprive them of the possibility to move

In the villages of the Kherson region, there have been recorded cases of looting of villagers’ transport in order to restrict the movement of local people.

Currently, the Russians in the temporarily occupied territories have restricted freedom of movement and strengthened control at checkpoints. At the same time, the occupiers steal motorcycles and mopeds from local garages so that they cannot move and “transmit information” about what is happening in the village.

This illustrates the degree of support for the occupiers among the local population, and even such measures will not help them, because they are enemies and the attitude of the locals towards them is appropriate.

It should be noted that the Center of National Resistance calls on the locals to leave the region for the duration of the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate the temporarily occupied territories.

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