In the Kherson region, the occupiers seized watercraft from the local population

In the Kherson region, the Russians seized from the local population all the floating means for the needs of the enemy army.

The occupiers raided houses along the coastline in Nova Kakhovka. Vehicles were taken even without the knowledge of the owners, because they had been evicted earlier.

Note that at the same time in Energodar, locals were also prohibited from going to the shore. The occupiers allowed their soldiers to open fire in advance if the rule was violated. The reason for this is that the enemy is afraid that the locals will adjust their fire.

We will remind you that in early December, the Russians looted garage cooperatives near Berdyansk. During the search, the occupiers copied the data of the owners, if they could not find them, they opened the door with a grinder. There were recorded cases when cars and even tools were taken from such garages.

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