In the occupied Crimea, Ukrainian songs are massively performed on the streets

Let’s talk about art as a means of protest. In the Ukrainian Crimea, Ukrainian songs are heard en masse on the streets.

So, for your attention, a video of the SKY band’s song “It can kill you” in occupied Simferopol.

Cultural resistance is one of the most important pillars of resistance, because it leaves the self-identification of the people in the occupied territory, which the Russians seek to destroy, and also serves as a unifying factor for the local population.

Reminder that resistance to the occupation is gaining momentum in the occupied Crimea, so leaflets for the Russian occupiers have been distributed in Sevastopol. This way the Russians get warned that the city is against the war and local partisans know where each occupier lives. Therefore the enemy will answer for war crimes in Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol, and other cities.

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