In the south of Ukraine, the occupiers evacuate their families and loot museums and factories

The occupiers take their families out of the temporarily occupied Kherson region and loot museums and factories.

Traitors also take their family members from Kherson to Henichesk and Crimea. In addition, russians are actively taking away the property of factories. In particular, according to the Ukrainian underground, russian authorities sent instructions to all museums in the temporarily occupied territories to prepare valuable exhibits for transportation to the Russian Federation.

Dismantling of equipment from enterprises of the Kherson Region to Russia is also taking place.

We note that the actions of the Russian Federation are a violation of an international law and will have consequences as the responsibility of the aggressor state, in particular, the enemy will bear criminal responsibility at the national and international level.

The Center of National Resistance calls for information to be provided to Ukrainian law enforcement officers in order to identify the facts of the movement of state property and to establish its location.

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