In the south, the Russians began to take the property of residents who were evacuated from the region

In the temporarily occupied Prymorsk (Zaporizhia region), notices were pasted around the city with the message that property owners must apply to the occupation administration with documents, or the property will be recognized as derelict and confiscated.

The enemy practices a scheme of declaring the property they want to extort as “unowned.” Lists of objects are constantly updated on the website of the so-called regional military administration of the occupiers.

The list includes real estate objects, vehicles owned by citizens of Ukraine, as well as communal and state property. Regarding empty apartments, in the cities of the region, occupiers collect information through condominium managers.

We will remind you that earlier in the temporarily occupied Mariupol, lists of immovable property whose owners left the city due to the occupation began to be formed. The enemy marks all this property as “unowned” and adds it to the appropriate register. If the occupiers do not establish the owners of the property within a year, it must pass into municipal ownership.

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