In the temporarily occupied Horlivka, the Rashists organized a raid against men

As a result of forced “mobilization” in the temporarily occupied Horlivka in Donetsk region, almost no men remained in the occupation army.

According to intelligence, the occupying regional military committees of the temporarily occupied Horlivka, in cooperation with the forces of the occupiers, have been given the task of “mobilizing” 6,000 local residents. The city is looking for men of military age. Raids are ongoing in the Central Market, places of public visits, shops, shopping centers, gas stations, etc.

Taking into account the previous “conscription campaigns” and the escape of a large number of men from the city, the occupiers cannot recruit a sufficient number of people for “mobilization”. On the other hand, these measures significantly increase social tension – today only women, children and elderly people remain in Horlivka.

We will remind, in the south, the occupiers are preparing the “mobilization” of the male population. Note that an integral attribute of “mobilization” is obtaining a Russian passport or providing passport data. Therefore, the Center of National Resistance calls to refrain from voluntarily transferring personal data to the occupiers and to ignore the passporting of the enemy.

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