In the TOT, Russians demand that state employees write an application for membership in Political Party “United Russia”

Preparations are underway in the temporarily occupied territories to simulate the electoral process, in which employees of state-owned enterprises are being forced to join the ruling party.

Thus, in the TOT of Luhansk and Donetsk regions, all employees of industrial enterprises and educational institutions were informed of the need to write an application to join the party of international criminal Vladimir Putin – “United Russia”.

Also, all participants in the forced passportisation of the region were ordered to offer the owner of red waste paper to join the party of murderers when issuing it. Money is promised for recruited party members.

As a reminder, the Russians are planning to hold a parody of the elections in early September. In order to hide the lack of turnout, the elections will be held over several days and will include voting at the place of residence.

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