In two months, the occupiers distributed less than a thousand passports in Berdiansk

The Russians continue to distribute their passports in the temporarily occupied territories to “legalize” their war of aggression, but the pace of passporting for the enemy is a failure.

Thus, in Berdiansk, from July to almost the end of August, about 800 people received Russian passports. Note that before the war, more than 113,000 people lived in the city, of which 88,000 were adults. That is, less than 1% of residents received a Russian passport in two months. Such figures best illustrate the level of local support for the occupiers.

It should be noted that the Russians are deliberately creating a food crisis in the occupied territories and are blocking social payments from Ukraine. They offer their help in exchange for obtaining a passport from the Russian Federation. But even under such conditions, there is no demand for this waste paper among the local population.

We will remind you that earlier the Center of National Resistance described in detail the prospects of obtaining a Russian passport.

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