In Zaporizhzhia, the occupation administration is conducting an inspection due to the lack of turnout

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region, the local population completely ignored the “elections”.

Although the enemy claimed a 68% turnout from an unclear number of the population, because Russia has no such data, the real figures are many times lower. Despite the fact that the “voting” lasted for 11 days and machine gunners went door-to-door, the locals showed no interest in the Kremlin’s farce.

Now the occupation administration is checking on the state employees who did not go to the polls. In particular, they demand lists of those who were on sick leave or vacation during the “elections”, suspecting residents of sabotage.We remind you that every collaborator who agreed to help Russians organize fake elections in the temporarily occupied territories will be held accountable. The names of all traitors are known, and none of them will escape responsibility for crimes against Ukraine.

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