Invaders are illegally appropriating the real estate of Ukrainian citizens on the TOT

Representatives of the occupation administrations relentlessly continue to violate the rights of people on the temporarily occupied territories.

It is about the appropriation of real estate of Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave the occupied territories. Thus, in Russia, a decree was issued “On the creation of a state fund for the support of participants of a special military operation”, within the limits of which abandoned housing is provided to representatives of the Russian occupation forces who took part in hostilities against Ukraine.

In addition, the enemy uses abandoned residential apartments near the front line for military purposes, including the placement of personnel and equipment.

The Center of National Resistance emphasizes that no invader will be able to elude punishment for all the crimes he has committed against Ukrainians. The resistance movement has information about the placement, movement and activity of the enemy’s troops on the TOT, which determines the future fate of the enemy.

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