Invaders call on the TOT residents to report on their neighbors

The Russians continue to implement a system of denunciation to implement a policy of terror in the temporarily occupied territories.

Currently, the occupation administration of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson region needs to implement a plan to detain Ukrainians in order to “curb the guerrilla movement.” Thus, the Russians encourage Ukrainians to inform on their neighbors through anonymous chatbots or for a reward in the offices of the punitive authorities.

The denunciations “legitimize” terror in the eyes of the invaders, as they give grounds to detain Ukrainians and send them to the basement. Later on, the punishers no longer investigate whether a person cooperated with the Defense Forces or not. The relatives of the detainees are usually not even informed of the reasons for the detention or where they are being held.

It should be noted that all the names of the occupiers’ informants become known, even anonymous ones. Earlier, Cyber Resistance activists exposed a resident of Melitopol who created an “anonymous” channel to collect information about the city’s residents.

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