Invaders continue to bring propaganda school textbooks to the TOT

The enemy is filling its “schools” in the temporarily occupied territories with children’s propaganda.

Another batch of 2 thousand copies of waste paper was brought to the Kherson region. Thus, textbooks for grades 1-4 and grades 10–11 were brought to the occupied territories. In particular, these are traditionally books on the “history of Russia”.

This subject plays a fundamental role in propaganda centers, which are actually Russian schools in the TOT. In these lessons, Russians talk about the “greatness of their nation” to which the conquered peoples belong and shift the blame for their war of aggression to the West.

It is worth noting that Ukrainian language textbooks were also brought to the TOT. Yes, there are parents who have written a statement about their children’s desire to learn their native language, despite the pressure. They do so by studying the language for an hour a week.

However, to teach the Ukrainian language, Russians have published their own textbook in which the Ukrainian language is presented as a dialect of Russian and emphasises the “brotherhood of nations”.

The Centre of National Resistance calls on parents not to deprive their children of a future, to organize online education for children in Ukrainian schools, and to talk to children about the propaganda they receive in occupation “schools”.

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