Kadyrov is recruiting “DPR” fighters for his army

Feudal movements go on in Russia, which are connected with the future distribution of power. Gauleiter of occupied Ichkeria, Ramzan Kadirov, began to recruit fighters from the so-called army. “DPR” in its ranks to strengthen its power.

The Center of National Resistance has already reported that Kadyrov’s influence in the temporarily occupied territories is growing, and in fact the temporarily occupied areas of the Donetsk region are under his control. It is his militants who “Ensure order”, namely carrying out repressions in captured cities.

Kadyrov`s fighter loot the region, because this is the Kremlin’s payment for their loyalty. “Deputies” from the Akhmat constantly come to the region, and local officials are appointed with the approval of the Kadyrov himself.

Earlier, the leader of the Chechen mercenaries said that more than 300 qadis (judges who apply sharia law) and imams plan to undergo training and go to Ukraine. In fact, their presence as part of Chechen groups in Ukraine may indicate that Kadyrov intends for Chechen forces to perform the main function of management in the occupied territories.

Now Denis Pushylin, who formally performs the role of a leader in the occupied areas of Donetsk region, agreed to the “training” of “DPR” fighters at the special forces university, which is located in Ichkeria.

This further strengthens Kadyrov’s influence on TOT, because now he will actually train those who will be responsible for the personal protection of Gauleiter. In addition, the Kadyrov’s personal guard is replenished with new faces, which also changes the balance of power in the future redistribution of power.

It should be noted that the Kadyrov residents hardly take part in direct hostilities, which creates nervousness among other towers of the Kremlin, whose “PMC” and other occupation formations are suffering losses and weakening.

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