Kadyrov is strengthening his influence in Donbas

Chechen Gauleiter Ramzan Kadyrov is increasingly establishing himself as the ruler of the captured territories of the Donetsk region. This is creating more and more tension between the towers of the Kremlin.

Thus, the day before, the leader of the Chechen mercenaries said that more than 300 qadis (judges who apply Sharia law) and imams plan to undergo training and go to Ukraine.

In fact, their presence as part of Chechen groups in Ukraine may indicate that Kadyrov intends Chechen forces to perform the main function of management in the occupied territories. It is worth noting that Kadyrov’s manual courts can both fight deserters and “legalize” looting carried out by Chechen militants.

At the same time, we previously wrote that Kadyrov is strengthening his influence in the Donbas. This is facilitated by numerous Kadyrov residents, most of whom are in the rear and have unlimited power in the region. They are actively looting the region, taking equipment from enterprises and just jewelry to Chechnya. At the same time, delegations from Chechnya are almost constantly in Donetsk, monitoring the fulfillment of their duties by the Gauleiter of the region to Kadyrov.

At the same time, the influence of the Kadyrovites, who at the same time are in no hurry to fight on the front line and suffer losses, worries the Wagnerites and other occupiers from the Armed Forces of the russian federation. After all, it turns out that it is the Chechen’s who collect the cream of Putin’s offensive campaign.

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