Khrystyna Soloviy: on resistance, revenge, partisans and cooperation with Ukraine’s National Resistance Center

The famous Ukrainian singer Khrystyna Soloviy gave an interview to a representative of Ukraine’s National Resistance Center for the first time. How feelings changed from the beginning of the full-scale war to the creation of a short film about resistance in the occupation based on the leitmotif of the well-known song “Ukrainian Rage”.

The participation of artists in the struggle on the information front is very important, therefore Ukraine’s National Resistance Center expresses its gratitude to all singers, poets, writers, actors, artists and other creative specialists who join the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Russian occupiers.

The creativity of our artists inspires us to fight, helps us regain our strength, and lifts our spirits. We invite you to watch the interview with Khrystyna Soloviy and the short film “Our land is our freedom!”.

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