Kremlin invented another way to populate TOT with Russians

The Moscow authorities are trying to change the demographic composition of the population in the temporarily occupied territories, and are inventing new ways to do so.

The occupiers decided to issue preferential mortgages to citizens of the Russian Federation when buying housing on the occupied lands. The financial institute for development in the housing sector “Dom.rf” is to implement the program, to which the state will provide subsidies, and which will already cover the difference in mortgage interest to the banks.

In this way, the enemy encourages residents of the Russian Federation to come to the TOT and settle on Ukrainian lands, and at the same time encourages local residents to obtain a passport of the Russian Federation in order to become a participant in the program.

We will remind you that in the city of Horlivka, the occupiers are conducting coercive measures to get drivers new licenses according to the Russian standard, which is impossible in the absence of an enemy passport. At the same time, the occupiers set a deadline of May 1, 2023 for employees of transport enterprises. Otherwise, the enemy threatens release.

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