The latest personnel changes in the occupation administration of the occupied regions of the Donetsk region indicate dissatisfaction in the Kremlin with the rapprochement of Denys Pushylin and Ramzan Kadyrov.

On March 30, the occupiers changed the “head of the government” of the so-called DPR (this is what the enemy calls the captured lands of Donetsk region). Instead of Vitaly Khotsenko, who was sent to Omsk, Yevhen Solntsev, another tourer, was appointed “head of the government”, who had been Khotsenko’s deputy since June.

Solntsev worked in the Russian Federation all his life and has nothing to do with Donbass. His appointment expands his powers and he will effectively manage the region and control financial flows.

This is Moscow’s reaction to the rapprochement between Pushilin and Kadyrov, which we wrote about earlier. For years, Pushylin has been performing only a statutory role and has no power in the region. Gauleiter long ago fell under the influence of the Chechen terrorist Kadyrov, who uses Pushilin for the monopoly right to rob the region.

Solntsev’s task is to remove Kadyrov’s influence and seize the initiative in working with contractors, because currently the Moscow elites are competing for the right to use the funds for the “restoration” of the territories as soon as possible.

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