Kremlin is preparing a legal basis for mobilization in the south

The Russians were unable to find “volunteers” in the south and are preparing for the forced mobilization of Russian passport holders.

Despite the Russians’ statement about volunteers in the south, the locals do not cooperate with the enemy, because they do not believe in fairy tales about “Nazis”. Financial incentives also do not help the Russians, because there are no people willing to sign a contract either.

Therefore, the leader of the occupiers, Putin, issued a decree that allows the conscription of citizens of another state. That is, until this moment, foreigners could serve in the army only under a contract. Only holders of Russian passports who do not have the citizenship of another state could serve under the draft. Note that although the decree speaks of “peacetime”, this is only a legal wrapper, because officially there is no war in the Russian Federation.

So, now even having a Ukrainian passport is not a problem for forced mobilization. Therefore, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center calls on the residents of TOT to ignore the passporting of the enemy and, if possible, leave the region and not become a resource for the enemy.

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