Kremlin is studying the opinion of Russians regarding the “loss of Crimea”

Russians want to know how their citizens will perceive such a defeat of the authorities and whether they are ready to defend Crimea.

Russian state organizations that “study” public opinion in the Russian Federation received an urgent task to conduct a survey regarding the return of Crimea to the control of Ukraine. Against the background of the explosion on the Kerch bridge, which undermined the illusion of peace and stability on the peninsula, and the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Kremlin decided to urgently study the attitude of its citizens to the defeat in the battle for the peninsula. Data from the closed study should be available within October.

One of the key points of the survey is the question: are Russians ready to fight Ukraine in the event of losing control over Crimea? After all, in Moscow, they are worried about the resistance of the local underground. According to preliminary data, the local population of Crimea is not satisfied with the announced mobilization and is not ready to fight.

It is currently unknown whether the Russians will make public the results of the study. But if this happens, the key thesis of such a publication will be that “the Russian people are ready to fight for Crimea.”

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