“Kremlin Puppets unite!!!”. How Moscow is looking for allies around the world

The Russian Federation, led by the international criminal Vladimir Putin, continues to create a parallel reality in which they are not a rogue country, but have the support of ordinary people in the world.

On March 14, another performance took place in Moscow – a congress of agents of the Kremlin’s influence in the world. Officially, it was presented as a “congress of Russophiles”, where in fact Russian propagandists from all over the world arrived and formed the “international movement of Russophiles”.

Already in the name we have manipulation. After all, the movement is presented as a counterweight to “Russophobia”. In the world of Kremlin propaganda, Moscow’s colonial wars and the world’s struggle against it do not exist. There is causeless Russophobia, and therefore there is “fair Russophilia”.

In general, this meeting aimed at three tasks:

  • propaganda;
  • adjustment of actions of the agency;
  • creation of a bridgehead for recruiting mercenaries.


In terms of information, Moscow acts simply: it creates an alternative reality and promotes it in the world. For the domestic consumer, the Kremlin is building a line that the isolation of the country is not the result of the actions of the Russian Federation itself, but rather of a Russophobic conspiracy due to the growing “Nazism” in the world. Therefore, their country is a victim of aggression, and not the other way around.

However, such a gathering of “Russophiles” should demonstrate that there is supposedly a “resistance movement” in the world and that the Russian Federation itself has support among the common population. This should give the average Russian the feeling that he is on the “side of good” and soon a happy ending will come for his country, when all the peoples of the world will “throw off the yoke of politicians” and Russia will cease to be isolated.

The Kremlin is betting on the latter in a situation where the Russian army is no longer able to fulfill its tasks and support for Ukraine is growing. The Kremlin hopes to exploit the weaknesses of democracy and get more loyal governments around the world based on the results of the next election.

It is on the shoulders of the marginals who have gathered in Moscow that the task of conducting subversive activities in the world falls. Most of those who gathered in the hall are known supporters of conspiracy theories, who constantly speculate on the fears of the population of the democratic world: Nazism, censorship, colonialism, imperialism, militarism, war and everything else that the Russian Federation itself actually does.

Correction of actions of the agency

Russian propaganda said that representatives of more than 40 countries visited the event. This process was overseen by the “Orthodox oligarch” Kostiantyn Malofeyev and the Nazi philosopher Alexander Dugin. The official face of the process was the well-known agent of influence Steven Segal, who long ago exchanged his career for Russian support.

In general, the whole event was more reminiscent of a sabbath of madmen who repeated the theses of Russian propaganda as a mantra. Most of the visitors wore pseudo-regalia, because all their work is to lead pro-Russian NGOs in their countries and live on grants from the Russian Federation.

The leader of the movement became the Bulgarian Nikolay Malinov – a Russian spy against whom the investigation for treason in the Motherland is ongoing.

Among other “famous Russophiles” is the German Tobias Pfenning – he leads the “anti-imperialist movement” at home and is allegedly persecuted for it. That is why he defends the right of the Russian Empire to carry out its colonial policy. Tobias does not hide that he is an ardent fan of the sadist Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Also at the event was the Frenchman Fabrice Sorlin – who is a radical nationalist and heads the “Catehon” analytical center. The latter is financed by Kostyantyn Malofeev. Sorlin has long supported Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Another Frenchman who was in the east of the Russian Nazis is Pierre de Gaulle, the grandson of the legendary Charles De Gaulle. Pierre lives in Switzerland and has no success in his career, but such a relationship gives him increased attention from the Russian special services. Therefore, he constantly promotes the Kremlin’s propaganda narratives in Europe.

Austria was represented by Patrick Poppel – former secretary general of the “Suvorov Institute” in Austria, and currently he is a representative of the “MFA of Abkhazia” in Vienna. Propagandists labeled Patrick as an “independent journalist” who is not afraid to speak the truth.

However, not only Europeans were among the “Russophiles”. Pepe Escobar – a Russia Today journalist who is known as a fan of the Zionist conspiracy and constantly broadcasts Kremlin propaganda in Brazil – came to Moscow from Brazil. In addition, there were a bunch of representatives of Syria, Lebanon and the Indian fifth column at the event.

All of them are united by total dependence on Russian funding, and their “Russophilia” has a price. At the same time, Russia gives all of them a “social lift”, that is, time on the air, recognition, and this makes them even more dependent on the Kremlin.

Such “movements” support radical parties in the EU countries, which aim to destabilize the situation in society and undermine trust in the authorities. Russians traditionally use political and economic crises to support radical political projects, which, using populist slogans, are able to gain the support of the population and undermine the democratic statist course.

A platzdarm for mercenaries

Also, the activities of these “Russophiles” are aimed at creating a bridgehead for recruitment. It is no secret that all these figures are in contact with and coordinated by the Russian special services.

At the same time, the Russian Federation is busy looking for mercenaries from all over the world to cover the losses of its army in Ukraine. Gullible people who fall into the net of propaganda of these figures, and therefore under their influence, are the ones whom the Russian Federation then recruits for the war in Ukraine.

That is, all these propagandists accumulate supporters of the Russian Federation and then submit these lists to their curators, who then evaluate the possibility of recruiting everyone from the list. Therefore, we are actually talking about war criminals who are currently working for an aggressive empire, disguised as a good cause.

The National Resistance Center calls on Ukrainians abroad to take part in actions in support of the Motherland and continue to fight against Russian propaganda in the world.

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