Luhansk partisans continue destroying the railway infrastructure on TOT

In the temporarily occupied areas of the Luhansk region, partisans destroyed the automated railway control equipment on the Shchastya-Starobilsk railway section.


The infrastructure was burned near the city of Shchastya itself. The equipment is responsible for automatic dispatching of traffic.


Therefore, the enemy now has to control traffic manually which reduces the maximum speed of the trains, and so the capacity of the section. As a result of underground operations, the occupiers on the front lines will have to wait for ammunition.


It is worth noting that the logistics of the Russian army is built precisely on the railway, which plays a decisive role for the army of the Russian Federation. Thus, the destruction of the railway infrastructure deprives the enemy’s army of mobility.


Just to remind, earlier the partisans destroyed the equipment of the automated railway control equipment on the section of the railway connection Rovenky-Anthracite in the area of the settlement of Yasenivskyi.

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