Mobilization to the ranks of the enemy’s army began on the TOT of the Southern Ukraine

In the temporarily occupied territories of the south, the enemy is mobilizing local people into the ranks of his army

Thus, in Kherson region, there have been recorded cases of conscriptions being handed out specifically for mobilization, after the representatives of Moscow came to the fake military commissariats to “clarify the data”. At the same time, all the men of the region have to “clarify the data”.

Previously, the invaders created so-called “federal commissariats” at the TOT of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions.

Note that the compulsory mobilization of residents of the occupied territories is a violation of international law and indicates Moscow’s intention to destroy the Ukrainians.

The National Resistance Center records every crime on TOT and none of those involved in the “mobilization” will escape punishment. Also, if you have information about mobilization or other illegal measures of the occupation administrations, report them to our chatbot.

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