More and more Russians are moving to the TOT of Ukraine

More and more migrants from Russia are arriving in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

We are talking not only about law enforcement officers and officials, but also about numerous guest workers who are hired for construction work. Since local residents refuse to work for the enemy, the occupiers hire not only Russians, but also citizens of the Republic of Belarus and other countries.

Employees and civil servants who go to work at TOT bring their families with them. This has already led to an increase in housing prices in many temporarily occupied cities. At the same time, citizens of Ukraine are subjected to deportation or forced to accept Russian identity. Russia also abducts Ukrainian children en masse, raising them as its own janissaries.

Thus, the Kremlin pursues a policy of replacing the local population with its own, loyal to the Russian Federation. This policy meets all the hallmarks of genocide as defined in international law.

The National Resistance Center emphasizes that all Ukrainian lands will be liberated, and all occupiers participating in the genocide of our nation will bear responsibility for this. To bring this closer, we encourage you to provide us with information on the placement and movement of occupiers,

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